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Shelagh Rogers and Lawrence Hill lauded with inaugural LAC Scholars Awards

Lawrence Hill leans over a wooden railing with tree leaves in the background. He is wearing a dark grey tshirt.

Lawrence Hill (LawrenceHill.com)

Library and Archives Canada launched the LAC Foundation on April 2 by announcing the five recipients of the inaugural LAC Scholars Award. The distinction is presented to individuals who have championed Canada’s literary and historical heritage.

The LAC Foundation will work to make the library, famed as the fourth largest in the world, more available to Canadians and international users, as well as lead fundraising projects for the library. The launch event was attended by 140 guests, including former prime minister Jean Chrétien, who was interviewed onstage by Canada’s chief librarian and archivist Guy Berthiaume.

(l-r) Jacques J.M. Shore, Chairman, Library and Archives Canada Foundation; Lawrence Hill, Scholars Awards recipient; Dr. Guy Berthiaume, Librarian and Archivist of Canada

LAC Scholars Awards were presented to:

  • Marie-Louise Arsenault (radio host, Plus on est de fous, plus on lit!)
  • Ronald I. Cohen (historian, Bibliography of the Writings of Sir Winston Churchill)
  • Lawrence Hill (novelist, The Book of Negroes)
  • Frances Itani (novelist, Tell)
  • Shelagh Rogers (radio host, The Next Chapter)



April 3rd, 2019

4:51 pm

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