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I’s been 25 years since Timeless Books first published Kundalini Yoga for the West, a practical guide to the Eastern-based philosophy written by founder Swami Sivananda Radha and aimed at Western readers. Since then, the ... Read More »

December 14, 2004 | Filed under: Book news


Here at the Quill lab, our technicians are constantly working on ways to make life easier for harried publicists and overtaxed authors with last-minute blurb demands. So allow us to introduce the Blurb-o-Matic 3000™. To ... Read More »

January 22, 2004 | Filed under: Authors


Barbara Steele knows many, many facts about the people who darken the doors of the cavernous outlets of Costco Wholesale, where she’s the lead book buyer. The membership forms they must fill out yield a ... Read More »

January 14, 2004 | Filed under: Book links