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Fenntastic!I want to thank Harold Fenn for his response to my letter regarding Fenn’s minimum order policy. I congratulate Mr.… Read More »

A lexicon for the new economy

Amazon, verbTo take away business from a more established rival by being the first to build an online presence.B2BBusiness-to-business; describes… Read More »


Ross will lastI read with interest John Metcalf’s guest column in the July issue (“False idols”). Metcalf declares that Canadian… Read More »


Chapters.ca has own cash reserveRe: “Reversals of fortune,” July:Your comment about Chapters Online “draining the cash reserves” of Chapters Inc.… Read More »

Reversals of fortune

Illustrator Joe Weissman has published eight books with Somerville House. At the moment, he’s owed royalties of more than $4,000,… Read More »


A call to changeThank you for Anita Lahey’s pertinent feature “Minorities in publishing: Where is everyone?” (May 2000). I am… Read More »

Goodbye, Anne!

Anne Millyard, former co-director of Annick Press, has said goodbye to the company she and Rick Wilks founded 25 years… Read More »