Quill and Quire

Industry News

Federal help for Y2K

For small companies facing the Y2K dilemma with a shortage of staff or capital, the federal government is offering two… Read More »


Earth to Avie BennettI’m writing to express my concern over the recent actions of McClelland & Stewart regarding the sale… Read More »


• David Cronenberg’s futuristic thriller Existenz comes to the big screen in April courtesy of Alliance Atlantis. Bodyguard Ted Pikul… Read More »

Prose and cons

A children’s book author argues that writers are con artists, but also breadmakers and ringmasters


A prize-winning productionIt was most interesting to read “The Wealthy Patron” (Apr. 1999) by Derek Weiler about publishing art books… Read More »


A questionable commitmentYour editorial “Who is Canadian?” (Mar. 1999) implies that ownership and control are of no consequence when it… Read More »

Calling the BCP

We’ve heard many complaints in recent months about the fact that a combined Random House and Doubleday of Canada would… Read More »