Quill and Quire

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An underdeveloped critiqueThe most dangerous reviewers are those with an agenda. And I haven’t run into a more classic case… Read More »

Pseudonyms for $200, Jim

When Chapters set out to develop a team of “master booksellers” to staff its growing roster of superstores, it didn’t… Read More »


• A European Commission investigation into the cross-border fixing of book prices in Germany, Austria, and the German-speaking part of… Read More »

Cover girls

If you thought pulp fiction romance was built on generic formulas, you’re right. But even formulas evolve. To celebrate its… Read More »


Different terrain, indeedWe were pleased to see the notice about Shyam Selvadurai’ s masterful new novel, The Cinnamon Gardens, in… Read More »

Anatomy of a blurb

Anatomy of a blurbAuthor: William BurrillClaim to fame: eye magazine columnistBook: Naked EyeBlurber: P. J. O’RourkeFirst contact between author and… Read More »