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Out, out damn spot

In this issue Peter Carver documents the ferocious campaign of a fundamentalist Christian group to remove the Joyce Carol Oates… Read More »

In the Works

THE BOOK’S THE THING: Warnings from Polonius notwithstanding, there seems to be no end of borrowing from the Bard these… Read More »


Comparison appallingTo the editor:The column “Suddenly second best” (Dec. 1996) left me irritated. Comparing the Governor General’s Awards, which deliver… Read More »


POETIC INTERVENTION• By merely rolling their eyes heavenwards, British patients can now offset the shrill of the dentist’s drill with… Read More »

Pioneer women

The beginning of a new year seems a fitting time to pay tribute to three pioneers among children’s librarians –… Read More »

In the Works

ON THE WATER FRONT: It may be an unlikely subject for a book, but during a year when Alberto Manguel… Read More »