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Tanis MacDonald: surviving as an “out-of-line” artist in a smaller community

Do you live in a major urban centre? Take this short test. You are giving a reading from your latest book at your local bookstore, and you invite a friend who lives an hour’s travel away. If your friend says instantly, “Awesome, I’ll be there,” chances are you live in a Big City. If your friend says, “What? Come all that way? On the highway?” then you probably live in a smaller city or town and belong to a group I call “out-of-line” artists.

By: Tanis MacDonald

August 2nd, 2018

10:52 am

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Issue Date:September 2018

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“Jaw-dropping” setting for crime-writing workshop on B.C.’s Pender Island

At the inaugural Crime Writing on Pender weekend workshop, running Oct. 12 – 14, up to 12 strangers will gather on B.C.’s Pender Island in a secluded inn built atop a 200-foot cliff, where Arthur Ellis Award–winning crime writer William Deverall will coach them in plotting sinister (fictional) deeds.

By: Ryan Porter

July 25th, 2018

4:32 pm

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