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BIPOC of Publishing in Canada association announces mentorship program

The group BIPOC of Publishing in Canada has announced a mentorship program for people of colour with aspirations to work in publishing. The BIPOC of Publishing Mentorship program will connect established people of colour in publishing with those interested in breaking into what can be a notoriously insular industry.

“The goal of this mentorship program is to allow both the mentors and mentees to have a better sense of the industry, including, but not limited to, the challenges of navigating publishing, and how to push past or work through them,” BIPOC of Publishing in Canada wrote in a Twitter thread announcing the initiative. Interested mentees are invited to apply online before March 8.

The program is currently limited to the Greater Toronto Area, a limitation that BIPOC of Publishing in Canada acknowledges, explaining they wish to work out any kinks in the pilot project before expanding. BIPOC of Publishing in Canada previously spoke with Q&Q about the need for people of colour to establish mentor/mentee relationships within publishing in the face of class and economic barriers.