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Finalists announced for the Indigenous Voices Awards

Joshua Whitehead at the 2019 IVA Gala (Justine Crawford)

The finalists were announced on May 14 for the third annual Indigenous Voices Awards. The winners of the IVAs (pronounced EYE-VAHz) will be announced in a “virtual gala” on June 21 as part of National Indigenous Day, the organization announced in a press release. Details are to be announced at a later date on the organization’s website.

A total of $30,000 will be split among the eight prizes, with $2,000 for winners of the four unpublished, Indigenous language, and alternative format categories and $5,000 for winners of the four prose and poetry categories. The jury consists of Jordan Abel, Jeannette Armstrong, Joanne Arnott, Francis Langevin, Rachel Qitsualik-Tinsley, Pierrot Ross-Tremblay, and Richard Van Camp. The full list of finalists follows.

Published prose in French

  • Shuni — Ce que tu dois savoir, Julie, Naomi Fontaine (Mémoire d’encrier)
  • Aquariums, D. Kurtness (L’instant même)

Published prose in English

Published poetry in French

  • Bréviaire du matricule 082, Maya Cousineau-Mollen (Éditions Hannenorak)
  • Chauffer le dehors, Marie-Andrée Gill (La peuplade)

Published poetry in English

  • I Am Still Too Much, Brandi Bird (Rahila’s Ghost)
  • On/Me, Francine Cunningham (Caitlin Press)
  • Kiskajeyi—I am Ready, Michelle Sylliboy (Rebel Mountain Press)
  • Disintegrate / Disassociate, Arielle Twist (Arsenal Pulp Press)

Works in an Indigenous language

  • Injichaag: My Soul in Story, Rene Meshake (University of Manitoba Press)
  • Dakwäkãda Warriors, Cole Pauls (Conundrum)

Unpublished prose in English

  • Excerpts from “Half-Bads in White Regalia,” Cody Caetano
  • “Forest Fires and Falling Stars,” Treena Chambers
  • “Gatzi Naka,” Steven Hall

Unpublished poetry in English

  • “Willow A Quartet,” David Agecoutay
  • “A Memory of Mary,” Corri Daniels
  • “Two Little Foxes, Buttertown Beach, I Will Never be Happier,” Keely Shirt

Works in an alternative format

  • Elizabeth Dances Pow-wow, Elaine McArthur (Independently published)
  • Phyllis’s Orange Shirt, Phyllis Webstad (Medicine Wheel Education)


May 19th, 2020

5:06 pm

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