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Five new books to add to your Women’s Day reading list

No More Nice Girls: Gender, Power, and Why It’s Time to Stop Playing by the Rules

Lauren McKeon
House of Anansi Press, March

Lauren McKeon’s deeply researched investigation into new models of power – and the potential for them to be reflected in our governmental systems, workplaces, and even at the gym – aptly launched ahead of International Women’s Day.

Before the Parade: A History of Halifax’s Gay, Lesbian, and Bisexual Communities, 1972–1984
Rebecca Rose
Nimbus Publishing, Feb.

Halifax journalist Rebecca Rose honours those who came before her by documenting a generation of the city’s overlooked gay-rights activists.

Resilience Is Futile: The Life and Death and Life of  Julie S. Lalonde
Julie S. Lalonde
Between the Lines, Feb.

Fierce women’s rights advocate Julie S. Lalonde shares her terrifying experiences being stalked by her ex-partner for more than a decade and how she survived the ongoing trauma through personal resilience and courage.

The Abortion Caravan: When Women Shut Down Government in the Battle for the Right to Choose
Karin Wells
Second Story Press, April

Fifty years ago this May, a group of 17 Vancouver activists drove across the country in a big yellow convertible, a Volkswagen bus, and a pickup truck – collectively dubbed the Abortion
Caravan – to lead a rally of 500 people demanding abortion reform, effectively shutting down Parliament.

What Hurts Going Down
Nancy Lee
McClelland & Stewart, March

B.C. novelist Nancy Lee (Dead Girls) turns to poetry for her exploration of socially ingrained violence and sexual-power dynamics, teetering between the pre- and post- #MeToo eras.