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More than 60 international author organizations sign letter voicing concern over Canada’s copyright laws

The International Authors Forum has released a letter signed by 63 writers’ organizations from around the world expressing their concern over Canada’s copyright laws.

The letter is addressed to MP Dan Ruimy, chair of the federal government’s standing committee on industry, science and technology, which is leading the current parliamentary review of the Copyright Act. It states that IAF members are “concerned that the ongoing extension of the legal principle of ‘fair dealing’ to cover educational uses has created an unjust copyright imbalance for Canadian authors,” and that they support a “reasonable relationship between user access and creator reward.”

IAF’s letter comes weeks after the provincial ministries of education and Ontario school boards filed a $27.5-million lawsuit against Access Copyright over a claim of overpaid tariffs.

Headquartered in London, U.K., the IAF represents 700,000 professional creators and authors worldwide.