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Top Q&Q stories and reviews of the year, as selected by readers

Whitney French

This past year in CanLit will most likely be remembered for advancing discussions around cultural appropriation and identity, which, not surprisingly, also dominates our list of top stories of the year.

Here are Q&Q’s most-read stories and reviews for 2017:


Whitney French: Examining the root of cultural appropriation.

YA author Nora McClintock dies at 59.

Toronto indie press Book Thug looks to change its racially charged name.

New bookstore opening in Toronto’s Leslieville neighbourhood.

Author removed from 2017 Journey Prize shortlist.

Sheila Barry, publisher of Groundwood Books, dies of complications from cancer.

Angie Abdou on seeking permission to use a First Nations character.

How three Indigenous authors cut through the noise of social media to become online activists.

Writers’ Union of Canada faces resignations over editor’s note on the cultural appropriation prize.

Women’s libraries and bookstores deal with historic but problematic second-wave feminism.


Top reviews

Bellevue Square, Michael Redhill (Doubleday Canada)

The Marrow Thieves, Cheryl Dimaline (Dancing Cat Books)

One Day We’ll All Be Dead and None of This Will Matter, Scaachi Koul (Doubleday Canada)

The Lonely Hearts Hotel, Heather O’Neill (HarperCollins)

Arrival: The Story of CanLit, Nick Mount (House of Anansi Press)