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Of Matt and after

From Dennis Lee’s eulogy to Matt Cohen, whose funeral was held at Hart House, University of Toronto, Dec. 5, 1999.There… Read More »


Speaking up for SomervilleRe: “Landlord sues Somerville,” (Dec. 1999):Admittedly, many of the actions of Somerville House deserve close scrutiny. I… Read More »

Flawed formula?

According to the ACP, the BPIDP program discourages mergers between Canadian-owned publishers in two ways. First, there’s a funding cap. If,… Read More »

Y2K comes up short for books

What a bust! With few reported incidents of computer-related Y2K problems, most booksellers are planning to pack up their remaining… Read More »


Indigo is in the gameRe: “The Indigo Way” (Feb. 2000):Contrary to the impression made in John’s Lorinc’s article, Indigo has… Read More »

House for sale

When Jack Stoddart and the partners at Macfarlane Walter & Ross announced in January the sale of MWR to McClelland… Read More »