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ReLit Awards announce 2023 long shortlists

The ReLit Awards have announced the books shortlisted for the awards’ 2023 edition. This is the last year that the prizes will be awarded before they go on hiatus.

The winners will be announced on September 29.


  • Pronounced/Workable by Candace de Taeye (Mansfield Press)

  • Vox Humana by Adebe DeRango-Adem (Book*hug Press)

  • Brat by Sophie Crocker (Gordon Hill Press)

  • Blood by Tyler Pennock (Brick Books)

  • The End Is In The Middle by Daniel Scott Tysdal (Goose Lane Editions)

  • But The Sun, And The Ships, And The Fish, And The Waves by Conyer Clayton (Anvil Press)

  • The Affirmations by Luke Hathaway (Biblioasis)

  • Dream Of Me As Water by David Ly (Palimpsest Press)

  • The Day-Breakers by Michael Fraser (Biblioasis)

  • Infinity Network by Jim Johnstone (Vehicule Press)

  • First-Time Listener by Jennifer Zilm (Guernica Editions)

  • Learned by Carellin Brooks (Book*hug Press)

  • Flyway by Sarah Ens (Turnstone Press)

Short Fiction:

  • Bodies In Trouble by Diane Carley (Radiant Press)

  • Shimmer by Alex Pugsley (Biblioasis)

  • Rafael Has Pretty Eyes by Elaine McCluskey (Goose Lane Editions)

  • World Naked Bike Ride by Lisa Fishman (Gaspereau Press)

  • Taobao by Dan K. Woo (Wolsak & Wynn)

  • Gaiety by Peter Abbot (Rock’s Mills Press)

  • God Isn’t Here Today by Francine Cunningham (Invisible Publishing)

  • Cut Road by Brent Van Staalduinen (Guernica Editions)

  • All The Shining People by Kathy Friedman (Anansi)

  • Ezra’s Ghost by Darcy Tamayose (NeWest Press)

  • I Am Claude François And You Are A Bathtub by Stuart Ross (Anvil Press)

  • We Have Never Lived On Earth by Kasia Van Schaik (University of Alberta Press)

  • Ferry Back The Gifts by Kate Story (Exile)

  • Grin Reaping by Rod Carley (Latitude 46)


  • Fearnoch by Jim McEwen (Breakwater Books)

  • Good Girl by Anna Fitzpatrick (Flying Books)

  • Hotline by Dimitri Nasrallah (Vehicule Press)

  • The Second Substance by Anne Lardeux (Coach House)

  • Junie by Chelene Knight (Book*hug Press)

  • Possessed by Jowita Bydlowska (Dundurn Press)

  • Tear by Erica McKeen (Invisible)

  • Querelle of Roberval by Kevin Lambert (Biblioasis)

  • Wonder World by K.R. Byggdin (Great Plains Publications)

  • The Wards by Terry Doyle (Breakwater Books)

  • My Indian Summer by Joseph Kakwinokanasum (Tidewater Press)

  • A Kid Called Chatter by Chris Kelly (University of Calgary Press)

By: Q&Q Staff

September 25th, 2023

3:48 pm

Category: Awards, Industry News