Quill and Quire


Winnie Yeung says collaborating on a young Syrian refugee’s story proved educational for both

I am not a writer by profession, but literature is my passion. I teach English language arts and ESL in an Edmonton junior high school. Usually, when I ask my students to write about their lives, even just their summer vacations, I’m met with whining. “I don’t know what to write!” So I was delighted when, one day in my office, a Grade 9 student named Abu Bakr al Rabeeah, who had fled the civil war in Syria, shared his secret wish: “I want to tell my story.”

From military brat to acclaimed poet, Dani Couture has never lost her sense of curiosity

When Dani Couture was 10 years old, she wrote a fan letter to the novelist Sidney Sheldon. Couture, a self–described “military brat,” was the child of parents in the Canadian Forces; she used to buy paperbacks at yard sales and flea markets on and off whatever base they were seconded to.