Quill and Quire


Tanis MacDonald: surviving as an “out-of-line” artist in a smaller community

Do you live in a major urban centre? Take this short test. You are giving a reading from your latest book at your local bookstore, and you invite a friend who lives an hour’s travel away. If your friend says instantly, “Awesome, I’ll be there,” chances are you live in a Big City. If your friend says, “What? Come all that way? On the highway?” then you probably live in a smaller city or town and belong to a group I call “out-of-line” artists.

Joshua Whitehead: “I created the character of Jonny Appleseed because he would not let me be”

Jonny is the embodiment of the type of world I want to see: one that has no qualms with 2SQness; one that has elders, mothers, grandmothers, aunties, and kin that are able to push beyond their westernized understandings of binaries; and one where Indigenous femmes, women, and 2SQ (including bisexual) are centred.