Quill and Quire


Tanis MacDonald: surviving as an “out-of-line” artist in a smaller community

Do you live in a major urban centre? Take this short test. You are giving a reading from your latest book at your local bookstore, and you invite a friend who lives an hour’s travel away. If your friend says instantly, “Awesome, I’ll be there,” chances are you live in a Big City. If your friend says, “What? Come all that way? On the highway?” then you probably live in a smaller city or town and belong to a group I call “out-of-line” artists.

Joshua Whitehead: “I created the character of Jonny Appleseed because he would not let me be”

Jonny is the embodiment of the type of world I want to see: one that has no qualms with 2SQness; one that has elders, mothers, grandmothers, aunties, and kin that are able to push beyond their westernized understandings of binaries; and one where Indigenous femmes, women, and 2SQ (including bisexual) are centred.

Agony Editor: Getting a film option is great, but don’t count on the movie actually getting made

There are no guarantees the cinematic version of your literary masterpiece won’t end up on Rotten Tomatoes with a 26 per cent average on the Tomatometer. If you feel comfortable with the producers and the contract, the wisest thing to do is simply hand over the reins and walk away.